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Young African Think’rs Convention

The Think’rs Convention is an annual three-day intense brainstorming and idea-generating summit where African youth from different nations gather and give input. With the aim of making youth participants in the decision-making and solution finding for Africa’s way forward, Think’rs convention gathers young people from different parts of the continent. Through the discussion times at the convention, we hope to instill Agenda 2063 in the minds of the young leaders, and inspire action in those who are going to take on leadership positions. As a result of this, we hope to begin to utilize the untapped creativity of the youth to fuel the on-going transformation and realize the anticipated Africa.

After two and a half days of concentrated dialogue among teams, the solutions, suggestions, ideas and policies crafted by the young think’rs will be presented to an audience. Students, business owners, educators and leaders will attend the presentations so as to receive the suggestions and take note of investment opportunities. We hope that the convention will inspire tangible projects that will be taken up in cooperation between the youth and current leaders/business owners. 

Original Projects

After our conventions, we try our best to implement the outcomes.  

Throughout our experiences working with several high-level organizations, the trend seems to be doing meetings and conferences, and the resolutions and outcomes change little. We hope to challenge this by following up with our outcomes.

From the various outcomes we have from one convention, we choose and pursue whichever one we can take on at our own capacity. Other outcomes, we push through our networks to be considered and taken up by higher decision-making bodies. Yet again, other outcomes, we share for the public on our website as an open-source platform to serve any interested and able bodies to take it forward.