What we stand for...

What we stand for Bethuel

1. Cause


We believe that vision has the power to change people’s life and transform a nation. It is only when the youth of Africa know and own the shared vision of a secure and prosperous continent that we will begin to realize it. The Young African Think’rs is a movement that primarily champions vision amidst the young people to give them a reason to stay, a reason to fight, a reason to sacrificially work towards its realization. 


2. Ideas


By causing young people to view the difficulties in their communities as opportunities for change and contribution, YAT’s key objective is to provide African solutions to African, and worldwide problems.


3. Inspire into Action


4.   Bridge the Generational Gap

For too long we have been saying ‘its Africa’s time’. But when will things actually change? It is time that we also move from talk, theories and ideas to implementation and action. The Young African Think’rs are also doers. 


The generational gap on the continent denies the younger generation a chance of mentorship and a chance to receive the baton from its predecessor. To achieve the envisioned Africa, unity is key. This unity is not only between member states, but also between generations. Through mentorship and partnerships, one of YAT’s key objectives is to push towards bridging this gap.